Military Scholarships

Military Scholarships

The government has a vested interest in taking care of our nation’s military personnel and their families. In honor of the huge service they provide, the federal government offers several easy-to-get scholarships to military personnel and their families.

Scholarships for Servicemen

Montgomery GI Bill

This is by far the most popular military scholarship. The bill also reaches beyond educational funding, to include a year of unemployment compensation and loans to start businesses or buy a home.

The Bill can be used anytime up to ten years after the completion of Active Duty or Selected Reserve. It provides full coverage of educational expenses for up to 36 months of schooling.

ROTC Training Corps Programs

These programs are designed for reserve officers for the Navy, Army and Air Force. They are funded by the Department of Education, and are awarded for merit as opposed to financial need. These are full tuition scholarships that also cover basic living expenses.

Scholarships for Family

Scholarships for Military Children

This scholarship awards $1,500, which can be used towards tuition or any other education-related expense. It is funded by the Defense Commissary Agency and distributed by the Fisher House Foundation.

Military Spouse Scholarship Program

Spouses of military personnel are granted up to $1,000 under this program. Award size is largely dependent on the funding availability; interested spouses are encouraged to apply early.

Something to keep in mind: eligibility requirements vary depending on whether you are/were Active Duty or Selected Reserve. Also, certain scholarships require less time in the service (such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill) while others require more time (such as the ROTC programs).