Federal Scholarships

Federal Scholarships

If you have a pulse there’s a scholarship somewhere that you’ll qualify for.

Federal scholarships are more “vanilla” in qualification but just as far reaching. The government awards billions of dollars annually to keep our workforce competitive. Here are a few tips for getting Uncle Sam to pick up your education tab:

Tip #1 – Choose Wisely

You may not be certain what you want to do with your life, but the coursework you choose will affect the number of scholarships available to you. Highly demanded career courses, such as nursing and high technology, are swollen with government scholarships and grants. Choose your major wisely.

Tip #2 – Apply Early

Most government scholarship programs have strict earmarks attached to them. Once the money runs out, that’s it for the year. While the scholarship application process can be overwhelming, it’s in your best interest to get started as early in your senior year as possible.

Tip #3 – Hit the Books

Your grade point average (GPA) plays a major part in what Uncle Sam is willing to give you. It’s easy to start slacking off as the year progresses, but now is the time to work harder to bolster your GPA. The free money will make your efforts worthwhile.


Once you’re done filling out and submitting your FAFSA form, it’s time to start looking for scholarships from other sources. Your prospective college/university and any local non-profits are both good places to check.