State Sponsored Grants

State Sponsored Grants

While national programs such as the Pell Grant are ubiquitous, the federal government isn’t the only one with grant money to give. On the state level, awards can be just as high while the competition is markedly lower.
In addition, some state grants can be stacked on top of any federal grants you’re awarded, making college that much more affordable. This article aims to give you vital information you’ll need in your search for state-sponsored grants.

What to Expect

State sponsored grants are often niche. For instance, grants for specific academic pursuits (teaching, entrepreneurship, technology, etc.) are prevalent. You’ll have a better chance of finding a state sponsored grant by defining what your future goals are going to be.
In terms of remittances, grant award size varies depending on the funding organization.

Where to Find Them

High school guidance counselors are a great resource if you plan on staying in-state. Alternatively, your perspective school’s financial aid department will be a wealth of information. You’ll also have better luck finding obscure grants online.

About the FAFSA

There’s a reason the FAFSA form is a requirement for every federal grant program. The information gleaned by the questionnaire is a fast way of determining financial need.
While the FAFSA is a federal form, many private and public state scholarship programs still rely on it. It’s in your interest to file one.