Eating Well When You’re Away From Home

on August 30, 2013

It’s not always easy to eat well. Sometimes, we’re just too busy, and it’s often just easier and more convenient to eat something quick, a burger and fries, rather than something mother would approve of.

Convenient or not, however, eating well isn’t optional. Even in the most unchallenging of life circumstances, eating well is essential for maintaining mental, physical, and emotional health. When you’re away from home, eating well becomes even more essential to staying healthy and fit.

I know this from experience. Recently, I lived for a time in South Korea. I was so far from home, and so very homesick. Often I didn’t feel like eating. Or sometimes, when I did, I’d eat nothing but sugar cookies and bread with jam. I felt invincible … until the day I began getting sick. What started as a minor cold became something more serious, serious enough to require a visit to the doctor and some medications. Luckily for me, medical care in South Korea is inexpensive and the quality of care is very good. I got well again, but I learned my lesson and took great care to eat well for the rest of my time there.

When you’re suffering the emotional and physical strains of being far from home, what can you eat that will help you the most? Here are a few suggestions:

Whole Grains

Eating whole grain foods, like whole wheat bread or whole grain pasta, can have a number of positive health benefits, including: better weight maintenance, better blood pressure and cardiovascular health, and, due to the presence of Vitamin B1, stress and anxiety reduction.

All Foods Rich in Vitamin B1

Whole grain foods aren’t the only foods rich in Vitamin B1. Others include:

• Yellowfish Tuna
• Cooked Corn
• Brussels Sprouts
• Beans.

As mentioned already, Vitamin B1 is very helpful with stress and anxiety, both of which are closely associated with the homesickness that often comes with being away from home, especially for the first time.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Finally, Vitamin D is another super-essential substance. Some of the many health benefits associated with its consumption are:

• Stress and anxiety reduction
• Depression relief
• Improved circulation

You can get Vitamin D in fish and in “fortified” dairy foods, like milk and cheese. You can even get Vitamin D straight from the sun. A 35 minute walk in bright morning sunlight can do wonders for your emotional well-being.

It’s always important to eat well. Sometimes it’s even more important, like when your away from home and faced with new demands and challenges that sometimes lead to frustration. Being away from home can be hard. Make it easy on yourself when you can.

Eat well, and take care of yourself. Prosper.


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