Connecting & Making Friends at College

on August 28, 2013

Many students choose their college for the education standards – not because all their friends are heading in the same direction. Leaving your buddies behind means beginning anew, without the support system you would normally once have had at your fingertips.

The thought of starting from scratch can be an incredibly daunting prospect – particularly if you are shy. Large colleges and groups of people bustling around does not necessarily boost a timid persons confidence.

The danger with not taking advantage of the newness and immersing yourself fully in campus life is that if you miss the opportunities of orientation, you may find yourself even less inclined to meet people later on.

As humans, we are social animals, and nothing is brings about feelings of loneliness more than being by yourself when surrounded by hundreds of strangers.


Ensure you take the steps to connect, making contact with your peers by taking to heart some of the following tips for meeting new people:

• Be a joiner – Even if the clubs or organizations might not be exactly what you are looking for, these can be a terrific means of meeting people. If you share common interests, even better. Chances are, you will strike up real friendships with like-minded individuals.

• Be a party animal – Even if the idea of heading to a party feels like torture, try it. You don’t have to make your college career all about parties, but maybe until you are on your feet with a solid social circle established, challenge yourself to do something different.

• Get gainful employment – Having a job is a great way to meet people as well as gain a bit of financial freedom and become more responsible. It is easy to make friends with coworkers as you work together during shifts.

• Study hard – Drum up a study group by asking classmates if they would like to work together with you. Combining friendship and work ticks off two boxes in one go in terms of college life: keeping up with your studies and making life-long friendships.

• Get active – Playing sports ensures you are out of your dorm and interacting in a healthy, energetic way. The added benefit is that with a fit and strong body, your mind performs at it’s peak potential.

• Use technology – Get connected through Facebook and MySpace or other campus apps and communities. Add fellow students to increase your overall friend base.

Being around people is important in terms of meeting fellow students and making new friends. Avoid studying in your dorm room when possible and use the common rooms, library, coffee shops and so on. If you must be in your dorm, try keeping your door open, so other students will view you as approachable and make the effort to strike up a conversation.

Most importantly, give yourself time to adjust to campus life. Pretty much everything will be new to you – from the people, lessons and sense of freedom. Don’t expect miracles, but take small steps, challenging yourself to try something different and make the most of your college experience.


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